81: Kia Cee’d – Final fling but a major replacement in coming months

Top cars for 2018: Next generation will be a major overhaul but outgoing model is worth a look if the price is right


It’s ageing a bit now, and a major replacement is coming in a matter of months, but Kia’s mid-size family five-door still does enough good things that it deserves a place on this list. It still manages to look good, for a start, and if the cabin lacks some of the more modern fixture and fittings of newer rivals, then at least it’s well made, roomy, and comfortable.

The boot is practically sized and shaped too, and that gets even better if you go for the (very handsome) SportsWagon estate version, which is cavernous inside, and one of the best family holdalls you can buy. The 1.6 CRDI diesel is getting a little rattly these days, but it has plenty of thrust.

We prefer the 1.0-litre T-GDI petrol turbo three-cylinder, which feels pleasingly zippy and which scores solidly in economy terms. As ever, the Cee’d remains conspicuously good value for money, but it’s also surprisingly enjoyable to drive.

Best model: 1.6 CRDI EX SportsWagon

Prices start from: €19,650

Finance package from: €224

Co2 emissions: 104-138g/km

Sum-up: Sensible but smart, the Cee’d replacement has quite a bit to live up to