80 Honda HR-V: showcasing the compromises of crossovers

Basically fine, but elevated by its reliability

Having been around since the late 1990s, the Honda HR-V is a mainstay on Irish roads, but how does the latest version match up to its predecessors? Video: Neil Briscoe


The HR-V is indicative of the issues facing the growing ranks of compact crossovers and that is primarily that they are often too compromised compared to their hatchback and larger SUV siblings.

The HR-V is actually a rather perfect expression of this problem. Below it in the range sits the Civic hatchback, which even as it nears replacement is fun to drive, exceptionally roomy and hugely well made. Above it is the CR-V which is one of our favourite SUVs and of such cars is one of the world’s best-selling. Between, somewhat awkwardly, sits the HR-V.

It isn’t as dynamically sharp as the Civic (nowhere near in fact) and nor is it as spacious and versatile as the CR-V. It’s basically fine, but nothing more, elevated merely by the fact that (a) it is likely to be unstoppably reliable 20 years’ hence and (b) we quite like Hondas in general.

Price range: €23,995 to €33,495

CO2 emissions: 108 to 134g/km

Which one? 1.6 iDTEC ES

PCP from €255 per month