6: Volkswagen T-Roc – VW finally secures its place in the crossover class

Top cars for 2018: Baby crossover mixes style, fun and great driving dynamics


Straight from a marketing department’s briefing paper rather than a child of engineering genius, the Volkswagen T-Roc could be dismissed as a cynical attempt by VW to follow the latest car craze. Yet for all that, the T-Roc brings quality German engineering to bear on the baby crossover market.

Back seat room and bootspace is tighter than you get on the likes of the Tiguan, but that’s the same for all its rivals. From the latest Jaguar E-Pace to Volvo’s XC40, they are more about artifice than uber-practical.

The T-Roc mixes style, fun and great driving dynamics based on a fantastically engaging new chassis from VW, which it shares with the Q2, but a much better price.

Engine options for Ireland start with the German’s impressive 1-litre 115bhp, which has been impressive in the Golf. However, we expect the T-Roc is best with a bit more power so the 1.5-litre 150bhp.

It also looks best when dressed up as well, so opt for the Design version if your budget allows. Logic suggests you would be better in a Golf, but the public seems to desire this format, so VW has given them what they want.

Best model: T-Roc Design 1.5 TSI 150bhp

Prices start from: €30,650

Finance package from: €279

CO2 emissions: 117-134g/km

Sum-up: If you a determined to move from hatchback to baby crossover then this is your first port of call