48: Nissan Leaf – electric pioneer now with a bigger battery

Top cars for 2020: Still very impressive as an electric car, if less impressive in the wider context


The Leaf, the great pioneer of the affordable electric car, has fallen back a bit as the world has woken up to battery power.

This second generation model took a step forward in style, but even though it promised longer ranges, it was too easily stymied by long motorway runs. New 62kWh version, with a bigger battery, partially fixes that complaint, but still has a range of less than 400km, when most rivals have moved beyond that. It is still impressive electric car but perhaps a less impressive car all-round.

Best model: Leaf 62kWh SV Premium for €37,840. Price range: €28,690 to €40,500. Finance from €331 per month. Electric range: 270 to 385km. Sum up: Electric parts impress.