36: Hyundai Tucson – Solid family car that’s a firm Irish favourite

Top cars for 2020: Smooth and easy to drive and given Hyundai’s reputation it should prove reliable in the long term


Hyundai’s big-selling Tucson (it has repeatedly been the best-selling car in Ireland for the past few years) has clearly found a sweet spot with buyers on this island.

Would it be mean to point out that might be because it’s the least offensive vehicle you could think of? It’s an SUV, without question, but it’s not so big and hulking as to be intimidating.

It’s smooth and easy to drive (although, alas, lacking for any sense of entertainment) and given Hyundai’s reputation it should prove faultlessly reliable in the long term.

Recent updates have given the grille a little more sparkle, and amped up the cabin quality (which had been starting to feel a bit on the cheap side before that).

New 1.6-litre diesel is especiallyimpressive and economical, and there was never anything wrong with the space inside the cabin nor in the boot. Basically, it’s a solid family SUV choice, but one that’s lacking in excitement.

Best model: Tucson 2WD 1.6 diesel Executive Plus for €34,245.

Price range: €27,495 to €41,745. Finance from €272 per month.

Co2 emissions: 120 to 162g/km.

Sum up: Big seller, but not big on fun.