24: Mazda 6 – A premium package in the mainstream market

Top cars for 2020: Styling still a head-turner but equal quality inside and from behind the wheel


As a car, the current 6 is the equivalent of Trigger’s Broom - launched in its current form in 2013, it has since then had an almost endless list of tweaks, updates, and facelifts. All of which have made the current version look and feel rather honed, and very pleasant. Interior upgrades mean that it now looks and feels as good inside as any premium German car.

Engine updates mean that it has kept pace (just about) in terms of performance and economy, although it’s a shame that there is still no hybrid version.

Chassis-wise, it was always something of a star, with excellent balance and steering and a true enthusiast’s passion for corners and cornering. The 2.0-litre petrol version is surprisingly economical, but it’s the 150hp diesel that remains the best all-rounder of the 6 range.

Gorgeous estate (pictured) is the best one to have, but beware the pricing structure - Mazdas are, in general, better equipped as standard than most rivals, but that does mean that the optical prices are rather higher than most.

Best model: Mazda 6 Platinum Tourer 2.2d 150hp for €38,255

Price range: €32,025 to €45,805. Finance from €249 per month.

Co2 emissions: 137 to 159g/km

Sum up: Crosses the premium species boundary.