The million-plus euro drop - to sell Heart Foundation House in D4


THE IRISH Heart Foundation has dropped the price of its Ballsbridge headquarters by over €1 million in an effort to sell the Vicotorian building which has languished on the market for 18 months.

Number 4 Clyde Road, located close to the American Embassy, was originally priced at €3.95 million, but is now down to €2.5 million.

The Irish Heart Foundation charity has operated out of the redbrick house since 1966. However, it is now planning to relocate to more suitable offices, pending the sale.

According to its agents, Lisney and Harper O’Grady, the heart and stroke charity is looking to purchase office accommodation that will cater for its expanding services. The charity requires a modern property with good visibility and access for support groups, donors, patients and other visitors.

With its long flight of granite steps up to the front door, number 4 is an impressive building with plenty of potential. It’s on e of the few houses on the road to have kept its full back garden which stretches down to Clyde Lane. The lane fronts directly onto Herbert Park and the garden is large enough to accommodate two mews houses, say Lisney.

The house will more than likely be bought as a private home rather than as an office. However, buyers have plenty of choice in the area, with a handful of houses of a similar scale available on nearby Elgin Road. There, Lisney is looking for €2.95 million for number 1 Elgin Road, a completely refurbished house that is being sold from the portfolio of Derek Quinlan. The three storey house has a large ornate conservatory at ahll level.

Also on Elgin Road, ColliersInternational has three adjoining houses for sale, numbers 4, 6 and 8. They’re being offered as as lot at €6 million to include long back gardens with mews sites. The three houses, which need major investment are being sold by the Longford hotelier James Reynolds, a brother of the former taoiseach.