Finding hidden treasure in your garden

Herbalist Vivienne Campbell will walk your land and show you what’s good to eat and what cures are growing right under your nose

Most of us have eaten some part of a wild plant at some point in our lives, whether it’s a fistful of sun-ripened blackberries from a sunny hedgerow or a dollop of wild garlic pesto made from the peppery leaves of ramsons (Allium ursinum), the woodland-dwelling member of the onion family whose foliage is traditionally harvested around this time of year.

Similarly, most of us know of at least one or two natural cures using wild plants, lore passed on to us in our childhood by an older, wiser generation. I still reach for a dock leaf to soothe the prickle of a nettle sting, for example, and show my young sons how the sticky, milk-white sap of the dandelion is a traditional remedy for warts.

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