Sibling bullying: tell us about your experience

We’re inviting readers to share their stories after strong reaction to a feature this week


This week, The Irish Times published a series of articles about sibling bullying – detailing how studies have found roughly one-third of people consider they have been bullied by a sibling, and how the bullying is completely different to the normal family rows and rivalry.

We published, through the writing of Emma O’Friel – who conducted her thesis on sibling bullying for a Master’s in Psychology at UCD – the anonymous experiences of several victims. These accounts resulted in a strong reaction from readers – some of whom were keen to detail their own experiences. So, here, we give any reader who wishes to, an opportunity to tell us about their experience of sibling bullying. It is completely anonymous.

Sibling bullying

We will collate the pieces and publish them on The Irish Times.

Thank you.