‘I am more apprehensive about having a second child than I ever was about the first’

Pandemic Pregnancy: Aisling Marron gets to grips with cancelled antenatal classes

Teething problems.

Teething problems.

The toddler is teething and her sleep is disrupted. It’s absolute hell to go back to this after months of sleeping through the night.

This is part of a series by Aisling Marron on her pregnancy during the pandemic.

During one particularly spectacular fit of wailing (the toddler’s, not mine . . . though I was close), I buy a packet of homeopathic (don’t @ me) teething granules. The receipt is emailed to me instantly and it says that delivery will be “two-three days (call us if urgent)”. I spend a few seconds too many considering the urgency of my homeopathic teething granules.

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