Health tip of the day: Combat winter weariness

Get out in the fresh air to avoid winter lethargy


Feeling yourself being more tired as the winter sets in isn’t just in your imagination. Finding it harder to get out of bed in the morning and counting down the time until you can go home and get cozy in the evening? It’s likely the lack of sunlight.

Ireland may not be the sunniest of climes, but the bright, long days are good for you, even if it’s chilly or raining. As the days get shorter, it disrupts your sleep and waking cycles, which leads to fatigue. Less melatonin is produced in your brain with less daylight, which makes you sleepy.

Make the effort to get your curtains open and light into your home as soon as you get up. If you can get outdoors in the natural daylight, it will actually make a big difference to your energy levels. Make a point of taking a walk around the block, even if it’s Baltic out, at lunchtime to help fight winter lethargy.