Did ‘Dry January’ make you feel like a wet blanket or was it water off a duck’s back?

We want to hear from readers who had an alcohol-free month


“Dry January” is the time of year when many people attempt to convince others (and themselves) they don’t drink too much alcohol because they can give it up for four weeks in a row.

They then spend the other 48 weeks making up for their short-lived abstinence, happy in the knowledge that – unlike the bottle of red in front of them – they gave their liver time to breathe.

Perhaps that is a little too cynical, however, Ireland’s relationship with alcohol is so unhealthy that the week’s big news was that pubs will be (legally) open on Good Friday.

But maybe you did benefit from a dry spell in January. Perhaps you credit being beer-free to also being flu-free (alcohol can suppress the immune system). Though, in saying that, those suffering with colds up and down the country this month were making hot whiskeys with honey to relieve the symptoms.

How did you find "Dry January"?

Maybe you slept a little better. Despite alcohol helping some people to fall asleep quicker, it interferes with rapid eye movement and therefore the quality of sleep.

Or perhaps losing weight was the goal – and certainly giving up alcohol will help reduce the calories in your body. Just so long as you did not simply spend the month drinking non-alcoholic, calorie-rich drinks instead.

We would like to hear how “Dry January” went for you.

How are you feeling now after an alcohol-free month? How did friends and family react? Or did you enjoy the dry run so much, you are now thinking of a “Dry February”? Or maybe you believe it’s all self-defeating nonsense?

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