Food quiz: Which Italian city gave us carbonara?

Plus: Where was Paul Flynn head chef in London and what puts the ‘Mmmm’ in Mornay?

Food - the buying of it, the cooking of it and the enjoyment of it - has become a feature of these coronavirus days. We are a nation obsessed, it seems, with sourdough and banana bread, and where to order dinner online.

True, there are more important things to think about, but great food and maybe a glass of wine or beer, can make a tough day more manageable.

You can work up an appetite and test your knowledge of food and drink, and the restaurant scene too, by doing the Irish Times Bank Holiday Monday food and drink quiz.

It has been compiled by Michelle and Greg Bowe, who when they are not working in the science and software fields, run The Greedy Couple website, where you'll find more of their food and wine quizzes.


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