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Cruffin creators get their bake on in Dublin

Californian bakery credited with inventing the croissant/muffin hybrid is taking part in a three-day confectionery event

Aaron Caddel, founder of Mr Holmes Bakehouse, which has seven branches in California and South Korea and is credited with inventing the Cruffin pastry.

Aaron Caddel, founder and chief executive of Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, the San Francisco bakery credited with inventing the Cruffin – a croissant/muffin hybrid – is bringing a team of bakers to Baileys Treatyard, a three-day celebration of all things sweet in Dublin this weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday, November 10-12th).

But they won’t be introducing Irish pastry enthusiasts to their signature bake, in which croissant dough is baked in a muffin tin, and stuffed with a flavoured cream filling.

“We’ve decided to create something entirely new for our Irish holmies (that’s a holmes/homie amalgam for the uninitiated. Clever, we know). We’ll be creating a completely novel Baileys Twice Baked Croissant and Baileys Irish Coffee Donut. You’re going to lose your mind over this Twice Baked Croissant,” says a company spokesperson.

“We’ve taken our classic croissant dough and filled it with cinnamon poundcake (yes, we just said poundcake) and a Baileys-based cream. Then it’s brushed with a Baileys syrup and topped with chocolate glaze, chocolate chunks, and Baileys Marshmallows.”

Mr Holmes Bakehouse has created two signature bakes for Baileys Treatyard, a three-day confectionery and cocktails event in Dublin this weekend

They will be baking the pastries in a kitchen specially constructed for the event, which is taking place at the Eatyard street food venue at 9-10 South Richmond Street, beside the Bernard Shaw Pub.

In the US, a two Cruffin per person sales cap is in force, but there won’t be any limit to the number of pastries Treatyard customers can buy, and the team is planning on making 350 each day.

Other confectioners taking part in the three day celebration of all things sweet include MOLCi, the hot chocolate and churros food truck; Delish Melish, meringue and marshmallow makers, and Zuko’s bakery.

There will be a bar serving Baileys drinks and cocktails, music, entertainment and talks and demos from Irish, British and American bakers and dessert makers.

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse has spread to four locations in California and three in South Korea since Aaron Caddel set up the company in November 2014 with co-founder Ry Stephen, an Australian baker trained in Melbourne and Paris. Stephen left the company in 2015, and last month opened Supermoon Bakehouses in New York City.

Joining Aaron Caddel on the Mr. Holmes Bakehouse stall at Baileys Treatyard will be Brit Walling (LA head chef), Brittany Dunn (San Francisco head chef), Rene Montelongo (brand manager), Keith Sigg (chief operating officer) and Allie Mata (Larchmont store manager).

Baileys Treatyard is open to the public 3-10pm on Friday and Saturday, November 10th and 11th, and 2-8pm Sunday, November 12th.