Charlie Bird and Claire Mould marry in a Humanist ceremony

No honeymoon as the broadcaster’s book tour is scheduled in Belfast next week

Broadcaster Charlie Bird's grandchildren were having a whale of a time as their granddad's wedding party walked from near Baggot Street Bridge to the Patrick Kavanagh statue on the banks of the Grand Canal for photographs on Saturday.

"I am Charlie and he is my brother Hugo" a young boy said, adding without a pause: "My mother's name is Orla and my dad's name is Rob. Our second name is O'Dowd. Charlie Bird is our grandfather".

With that information related to waiting media, the wedding party assembled in brilliant sunshine for the photographs.

“We were married in a Humanist ceremony in Suesey Street” Mr Bird said as he waved his hand in the direction of the up market restaurant on nearby Fitzwilliam Place.


“Do you mind me asking you who made your dress, do you mind” asked a photographer.

The answer from Claire was delivered with a beaming smile but the words were lost as the happy couple were asked to stand this way and that to get the best of the afternoon sun.

"Is there a honeymoon," we asked. "No, are you joking, there is the book tour, we are in Belfast next week" Mr Bird said.

The book is of course the broadcaster’s latest project.

A compilation of interviews with some 50 LGBT people in the light of last year’s referendum.

It is called “A Day in May” and was published earlier this month.

"Are you going on the book tour" we asked Ms Mould.

“Oh no. I am back at work on Tuesday” she laughed.

Ms Mould works in RTÉ where the couple met about 10 years ago, according to her new husband.

Then it was time for yet more photos. The happy couple posed with Hugo, Charlie, Mr Bird’s granddaughter Abigail, and Ms Mould’s nephews Josh and Luke among wider family members.

After the pictures the wedding party of about 40 took a leisurely stroll back along the canal path at Wilton Terrace towards Suesey Street.

Tim O'Brien

Tim O'Brien

Tim O'Brien is an Irish Times journalist