The only Wimbledon finalist to be convicted of murder was an Irish man

Vere St Leger Goold and his wife were discovered with a dismembered torso in their luggage

Wimbledon finalist Vere St Leger Goold

Wimbledon finalist Vere St Leger Goold

When we think of the Irish in Monaco we immediately envision Grace Kelly, the Oscar-winning Irish-American actor who became a Monégasque princess. Yet before she joined the illustrious House of Grimaldi, she starred on screen in Alfred Hitchcock’s film adaption of Dial M for Murder.

In this 1950s cinema classic Kelly played Margot Wendice, the wealthy wife of a well-known ex-tennis star who plots her murder in order to finance his comfortable lifestyle. How paradoxical then it must have seemed that less than 50 years before Kelly’s arrival in the Riviera another Irish émigré, Vere St Leger Goold, himself a former tennis champion, would be found guilty of one of the most grisly homicides in the history of the principality.

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