Irish journalist working overseas? Have you a story for Irish Times Abroad?

Media professionals invited to pitch ideas about Irish diaspora where they live

More than 800,000 Irish-born people now live outside Ireland. Millions more around the world claim Irish heritage. Their successes and struggles are part of the story of Ireland, right up to the present day.

Irish Times Abroad is inviting journalists overseas to pitch ideas for features, news stories or multimedia projects about the Irish emigrant experience, or Irish diaspora issues, where they live.

The resulting articles or projects will be based on original research and/or interviews conducted in the Irish community.

Projects could range from a profile of one individual, to an issue affecting the wider Irish community in the areas of welfare, culture, sports, business, or lifestyle, for example. We are eager to share the untold stories of the Irish diaspora, so the more unusual your story idea, the better.


- In your pitch (max 300 words), please outline your proposed project, including how you would to tell the story; who you would interview; and why this story matters.

- As a guideline, feature articles should be approximately 1,500 words. Video or audio 10 minutes. Pitches for a series of articles will be considered only in exceptional circumstances. First-person personal stories or opinion pieces will not be considered.

- Tell us about your journalism experience - include links to published work, blogs or websites, LinkedIn profiles, etc.

- Pitches must be submitted using this form above.

- Joint pitches are permitted if applicants can indicate strong reasons for the proposed collaboration.

- Further information may be requested from the applicant by The Irish Times.

- The closing date for is May 1st.

- Fees and any expenses will be agreed prior to commissioning.

- Queries can be sent to

- If you would like to be added to The Irish Times contributor list to be contacted by an editor about future assignments, please tick the box to agree.

- The Irish Times Abroad Diaspora Journalism Project is supported by the Google Digital News Initiative.