Aer Lingus uniforms: the ever-changing face of airline fashion

Aer Lingus has a long history of using Irish designers to create clothes for cabin and ground crews

Airline uniforms occupy a special place in Irish fashion history. What cabin and ground crew have reflected over the decades is not only a professional image of Ireland and its national airline, but also the prevailing fashions of the times, grooming diktats and the particular changing demands of the work.

Aer Lingus has a long history of using Irish designers ever since the very first military style brown uniforms by Sybil Connolly were introduced in 1945 when air travel was only in its infancy.

The first green uniforms were introduced in 1947 and green in its various shades has remained the most recognisable colour of the Aer Lingus uniforms ever since.

The following is a selection of the uniforms designed over the decades by a roll call of Irish designers, charged with the challenge each decade of refreshing the professional attire of the airline staff – Connolly, Neilí Mulcahy, Irene Gilbert, Digby Morton, Ib Jorgensen, Paul Costelloe and Louise Kennedy, who has created the the new look.

1945: Sybil Connolly

1948: Sybil Connolly

1963: Neilí Mulcahy

1966: Irene Gilbert

1970: Digby Morton

1975: Ib Jorgensen

1990: Paul Costelloe

2020: Louise Kennedy