Sunshine and showers forecast as temperatures predicted to rise

Student Hub email digest: Sunshine and showers; Kinahan cartel, Brianna Parkins, films to watch, Champions League, Donald Trump, Ireland’s biodiversity and the uniting of Ireland’s economies.

Hello and welcome to this week’s Student Hub email digest! In this week’s edition we have stories on what lies in store for the weather this weekend; Conor Lally writes about the Kinahan cartel following the arrest of one of their senior figures; Brianna Parkins writes about how to improve Irish healthcare; Donald Clarke looks at the films to watch out for this season – including two that make up the most anticipated movie weekend in years; Niall Horan has just seen his life flash in front of him; Ken Early writes about the upcoming Champions League final; Donald Trump held on to secret documents about nuclear programmes and military vulnerabilities, prosecutors are claiming; Eoghan Daltun asks why nature is eroding so fast. David McWilliams on how Ireland’s economies are merging.

Thundery showers forecast to break dry spell, but temperatures continue to climb: The sun is set to shine on Slane as Harry Styles storms the stage on Saturday evening, but other parts of the country will experience some heavy and possibly thundery showers, writes Conor Pope.

Kinahan cartel collapse: ‘They’re in disarray because they don’t know what’s next and who’s next’: The arrest of Liam Byrne, former main man for the Kinahans in Ireland, is a serious blow to the cartel’s status in the global underworld, writes Conor Lally.

‘Being all Australian’ is the best way to improve Irish healthcare: “Can you just not go all Australian about things, for once,” my partner whispers in the “don’t go showing me up at Mass” tone favoured by mothersm writes Brianna Parkins.


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Summer movies 2023: Indiana Jones, Mission: Impossible, Barbie, Oppenheimer and more: Reports of event cinema’s death have been greatly exaggerated. As we drift into Hollywood’s flashiest season, we again see an array of titles budgeted at well over $100 million. Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One clocks in at $290 million. Reports suggest Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny cost even more than that, writes Donald Clarke.

‘I’ve tried to remain somewhat humble – not tried, just did it. The Irishness helps’: Niall Horan has just seen his life flash in front of him. “I came in through the tunnel today and drove past the Convention Centre. Every time I drive past it, I get goosebumps. It feels like yesterday. But it’s 13 years ago.” Manchester City can confirm football’s new era of elite wealth and soft-power plays

Champions League: Eighteen years ago, when Istanbul last hosted the Champions League final, Taksim Square in the heart of the city was swarmed by Liverpool fans who spent the day drinking, singing and burning up in the sun before boarding their buses out to the stadium, writes Ken Early.

Trouble for Trump: Donald Trump held on to secret documents about nuclear programmes and military vulnerabilities, prosecutors claim: Former US president Donald Trump held on to secret documents dealing with the country’s nuclear programmes, its vulnerabilities to military attack and plans for possible retaliation, according to prosecutors.

Emerald Isle no more: Why is nature eroding so fast? In 2018 the Natural History Museum of London drew up what they called a ‘Biodiversity Intactness Index’, which ranked all 240 global nations and states according to how nature was faring within their borders. Where, you might wonder, did Ireland come in, asks Eoghan Daltun

United Irish economies: The economies of North and South are slowly integrating: On summer evenings throughout the North you can hear the bands practising, beating out marching tunes from Orange Halls, looking backwards rather than planning for the future, writes David McWilliams