Junior Cycle religious education: environmental concerns feature on topical paper

Religious faith of footballer Mo Salah and boxer Katie Taylor featured

The Junior Cycle religion paper was topical, with environmental concerns featuring prominently on the paper, according to Stephen O’Hara, TUI subject representative and a religious education teacher at Castlerea Community College in Roscommon.

The religious faith of footballer Mo Salah and boxer Katie Taylor featured alongside questions on how family and friends can influence religious faith, while another question asked students about the challenges of living according to the values of their religion.

“There was a question about Charlie Bird raising funds for motor neurone disease, which was very topical,” said Mr O’Hara. “It captured his well-publicised struggle [with motor neurone disease] and also included a reference to Croagh Patrick, which has a long tradition and history.

“It was a paper that would be accessible to students from different backgrounds, faith beliefs or secular backgrounds. There was enough choice within questions and across the various sections.”


Earlier in the year, students completed a classroom-based assessment on either the search for meaning or features of architectural, archaeological or artistic interest.

Try this one at home:

Junior Cycle religion, common level

Croagh Patrick is a place of religious importance for a community of faith in Ireland. Name another particular place in Ireland that has religious importance for a community of faith associated with one of the following religions: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism