Is there still value to be found on holidays in Ireland? Send us your tips and recommendations

Holidays in Ireland: Are there underexplored areas or hidden gems that offer good value?

holiday value in Ireland

Holidaying in Ireland has moved from in recent years from being the cheap and cheerful option to having a reputation as an expensive ‘rip-off’ after a prolonged period of high inflation. However the ease of travel and the beautiful beaches, mountains and rugged coastline are still appealing (even if the weather doesn’t always co-operate).

Do you think there is still value to be found on holiday in Ireland? If so, we’d like to hear from you.

What are your tips for affordable holidays in Ireland this summer? Have you found a restaurant, café or accommodation offering good value? Or do you have ideas for making travel around Ireland more affordable? Are there still affordable underexplored areas in Ireland, away from the tourist traps? What ways have you used to avoid breaking the bank on summer travels across the island?

In The Debate opinion piece this week, Georgina Campbell argues that a memorable and reasonably priced Irish holiday is very achievable. Her tips include:

  • Going to lesser-known places
  • Seeking out special offers
  • Finding free thing to do
  • Avoiding cities
  • And cutting back on the little things like coffees .

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