Adults and smartphones: Tell us about your experience and views

Have you ever walked across a road while looking at your phone?

When we talk about screentime, we immediately think of children and teenagers. However, many adults appear to have an issue with their use of phones, tablets and laptops.

Do you spend too much time looking at a screen, endlessly scrolling on social media? Do you have any advice for those that do?

Do you “lose about six to eight hours a day” as one person told Jen Hogan recently? Or perhaps you have suffered a physical injury from too much phone use, as Dr Muiris Houston warned about earlier this week. Or maybe you focus on the positive side of phones and social media use, as Bronagh Loughlin and Orla Tinsley wrote about.

We’d like to hear your experience and advice. Some of the submissions will be published on as part of our series on screentime.


Thank you.

Damian Cullen

Damian Cullen

Damian Cullen is Health & Family Editor of The Irish Times