This Album Changed My Life: Nirvana – Nevermind (1991)

Baxter Robot of Cork band, Happyalone, on the grunge benchmark

I remember listening to Nevermind when I was seven or eight-years-old on my father's Creative Zen MP3 Player and instantly wanting to buy the album.

It has stuck with me my whole life since and is the reason I started writing music. I felt it was the satisfactory blend of pop and rage that I was looking for.

Musically, the way Kurt Cobain would somehow create dissonant riffs along with pop vocals, while Dave Grohl would use drums in atypical patterns has been the reason it resonated most with me.

Dissonance, the push and pull, soft and loud dynamics, are something I strive to utilise in my own music. Lyrically the f*cked-up subject matter of songs like Polly and the surrealism of songs like Drain You just sucked me right in.


The album taught me that pop music doesn’t necessarily have to be what’s in the charts at the moment.

It can be anger, passion, love and everything in between with distortion and all.

This album means everything to me.

Whenever I doubt myself or if I feel myself slipping in to the conforms of normality this album brings me back to being myself and helps me remember to be me.