Talos: Far Out Dust review – No tricks, no shortcuts, just captivating songs

Fri, Feb 8, 2019, 05:45


Far Out Dust




It doesn’t take much for someone’s life to change. One seemingly inconsequential moment for one person can change another’s entire perspective and this life shift appears to have happened on Far Out Dust, Eoin French’s second album as Talos.

Where the Corkman explores elements of isolation on his 2017 debut Wild Alee, Far Out Dust latches on to the importance of human connection and shared experiences and treats them as risks worth taking.

With his trademark falsetto opening the album with the piano-laced tundra of Boy Was I Wrong, there’s a new sheen of confidence in his voice and he allows it to take centre stage – rather than using it as an effect – on richly textured songs such as On and On and In The Fold.

This confidence extends to his songwriting, which is deftly more personal than before. See Me is an honest outpouring of what happens when you let someone into your life, gradually pivoting from the person you are to the person you’re meant to be.

Without using any shortcuts or cheap tricks, Far Out Dust is a captivating album that shows an astute emotional growth of an artist as a lyricist and musician.