Richter: Sinfonias, Sonatas & Oboe Concerto – rarely heard composer gets his due

Wed, Sep 27, 2017, 17:01


Franz Xaver Richter Sinfonias, Sonatas & Oboe Concerto

Capricornus Consort Basel; Peter Barczi; Xenia Löffler; Franz Xaver Richter



You’ll find Franz Xaver Richter (1709-89) in the history books as a member of the 18th-century Mannheim School. But his music is a rarity in the concert hall, a situation these highly persuasive performances may well make you regret. The disc features three sinfonias, one of which concentrates on Richter’s legendary contrapuntal skills. The two trio sonatas are more musically adventurous and happy to draw the bass line into the musical discussion. The Oboe Concerto in G minor (soloist Xenia Löffler) is highly engaging. The one to a part performances by Capricornus Consort Basel bring out the best in a composer whose work falls through the cracks between the major movements of his time.