Hercules & Love Affair: The Feast of the Broken Heart

Fri, May 23, 2014, 00:00


The Feast of the Broken Heart

Hercules & Love Affair

Moshi Moshi


Andy Butler routinely treads a fine line between ennui and energy, but his third Hercules & Love Affair album prevails, largely thanks to guest vocalists who bring dynamism to the DJ’s house-driven soundtracks. John Grant’s honeyed vocal on I Try to Talk to You is a highlight as he decries a lover’s lack of communication, but his voice is later stretched over a dull musical canvas on Liberty. Parisian singer Rouge Mary fares better on Think, where breathing space conversely gives vivacity to the song. Young Belgian pop vocalist Gustaph positively glimmers on That’s Not Me, one of the few tracks that varies from the sluggish template. The glimpses of innovation, as heard on closer The Key, just about make up for the overall humdrum feeling – this time. herculesandloveaffair.net Download: I Try to Talk to You, Think