EP 2017: Trailer Park pool karaoke, and the best chips in town?

Welcome to Trailer Park. You’ll never leave, unless Jerry Fish lets you

Tow Ho Ho, a Christmas-themed caravan, a woman singing Sia's Chandelier and a mushroom draughts table. This isn't a trip gone horribly wrong, this is the Trailer Park.

The meandering path throws everything at you and it’s up to you to wade through the frightful, the quirky and the kooky to find The Gin Palace, located beside the Gas Haven, for a designer €8 gin and tonic. The designer is code for fennel, rhyme and cardamom.

Next door is Caravanaoke and when you see this van a-rockin’, you come a-knockin’.

Absolutely anything goes here and you could lose three years of your life here, becoming a trailer person, never to leave until Jerry Fish grants you a pardon. (And keep an eye out for the Irish Times Caravan, the little green mobile home that could.)


Meanwhile, writes Una Mullally, I just had some delicious garlic and cheese home fries at the imaginatively titled Home Fries in the Trailer Park while listening to the sweet sounds of Roisin O. Not bad.