Electric Picnic exclusive: Stage times for Cosby Tent and more

The second batch of set times for Cosby Tent, Jerry Fish, Trenchtown, Theatre of Food

We're back with even more stage times for Electric Picnic 2018. The festival takes place this weekend, from Friday, August 31st, until Sunday, September 2nd, on the rolling grounds of Stradbally Hall, in Stradbally, Co Laois.

On Monday, the stage times for the Main, Body & Soul, Other Voices and Rankin's Wood stages were unveiled. There's more to come on Wednesday, but for the moment, check out the times for the Cosby Tent, the Jerry Fish Electric Sideshow, Trenchtown and the Theatre of Food.


11pm-midnight – Jorja Smith
9.30-10.15pm – La Femme
8-8.45pm – Jordan Rakei
6.30-7.15pm – Le Boom
5.15-6pm – Yellow Days
4-4.45pm – Bülow
2.45-3.30pm – Tom Tripp
1.45-2.15pm – Happy Alone

11pm-midnight – Sleaford Mods
9.30-10.30pm – Field Music
8.15-9pm – Colter Wall
7-7.45pm – Lucy Dacus
5.45-6.30pm – Nilüfer Yanya
4.45-5.15pm – Hak Baker
3.45-4.15pm – Saarloos
2.45-3.15pm – Leila Jane



Sideshow Disco

2-4am – Get Down Edits
1-2am – Colin Perkins
Midnight-1am – Eddie Kay
11pm – Carnival Fire Show
10pm-midnight – Warriors of the Dystotheque
8-10pm – The Kilo 1977

Midnight-4am – Sideshow Disco/ Mother DJ's
11pm-midnight – Le Galaxie
9.35-10.35pm – The Minutes
8.10-9.10pm – Frank & Walters
7-7.45pm – Mick Flannery
5.50-6.35pm – David Keenan
4.40-5.25pm – Engine Alley
3.50-4.20pm – Murder Capital
3-3.30pm – Silverbacks
2.10-2.40pm – Spellbound
1.50-2.10pm – The 2 Johnnies
1.20-1.50pm – Everything Shook
1-1.20pm – The 2 Johnnies
Noon-1pm – House of Yoga

1-2am – Sideshow Disco/ The Kilo 1977
Midnight-1am – The Jerry Fish Electric Sideshow End of the World Party
11.30pm-midnight – Sideshow Disco
10.30-11.15pm – Surprise special guests
9.20-10.05pm – Wood Burning Savages
8.10-8.55pm – Bitch Falcon
7.15-7.45pm – Veda and the Witches
5.50-6.50pm – Piontius Pilot and the Naildrivers
4.40-5.25pm – CC Brez
3.50-4.20pm – Loah
3-3.30pm – Jack O'Rourke
2.10-2.40pm – Warsaw Radio
1.20-1.50pm – Ceili Allstars
Noon-1pm – House of Yoga


2-4am – Bazza Ranks x Peppery x POA
12.30-2am – Sol Fud
11pm-12.30am – Souletiquette
9.50-10.50pm – The Hacklers
8.40-9.40pm – The Clandestinos
7-8.30pm – Ska Patrol
6-6.50pm – The Bionic Rats
4-5.50pm – Rootsman Wurzel

2.30-4am – Sweetie Irie x DJ Mek
1.30-2.30am – YT
Midnight-1.30am – DJ Mog-Y
11.30pm-midnight – King David
10.20-11.20pm – Gangsters
9.10-10.10pm – The Service
8-9pm – Wiggle
7-7.50pm – After the Ibis
6.10-6.50pm – Lavosti
4-6pm – Big Daddy Can

2-4.00am – Stevie G x Hot Sauce Dance Crew
12.30-2am – Worries Outernational
11.30pm-12.30am – Jahmonk
10.20-11.20pm – Rukus FX
9.10-10.10pm – DJ DOG
8.10-9pm – The Light Runners
7.10-8pm – Rewind
6.10-7pm – The Rebel Souls
4-6pm – Lex Woo


12.30-3am – YT x Revelation Soundsystem
11pm-12.30am – Chonkie (Rub A Dub)
9-11pm – World Bass Culture
7.30-9pm – Bsc Sound
6-7.30pm – Jigzzsaw
3-6pm – Revelation Soundsystem

1.30am-3am – Revelation Soundsystem
11.30pm-1.30am – Jason Rootical
10-11.30pm – World Bass Culture
8-10pm – Rankin' Rez
6-8pm – Reggae Richie
3-6pm – Revelation Soundsystem

1.30-3am – Revelation Sound & Family
11.30pm-1.30am – Cian Finn
10.30-11.30pm – World Bass Culture
9-10.30pm – Kaya Collective
7.30-9pm – Oi Oi Soundsystem
6-7.30pm – Treasure Beach Selectors
3-6pm – Revelation Soundsystem


Midnight-2am – Treasure Beach Collective
10pm-midnight – Reggae Richie
8-10pm – Nigel Woods
6-8pm – DJ Ganjahlova
4-6pm – DJ Defensive Mix Up
2-4pm – DJ Dodgy
12.30-2pm – DJ Slick
Noon-12.30pm – Bevin Rimson
10am-noon – Will Softly

Midnight-2am – DJ Slick and Reggae Richie
11pm-midnight – Lady Michelle
10-11pm – Afrikaya Collective
8-10pm –Natasha Scott And Sibh C (B2B)
6-8pm – Three Little Birds
4-6pm – Nigel Woods
2-4pm – One World Sounds Crew
Noon-2pm – Will Softly
10am-noon – DJ Dodgy

10pm-2am – Treasure Beach Collective
8-10pm – DJ Dodgy
6-8pm – DJ Defensive Mix Up
4-6pm – DJ Ganjahlova
2-4pm – Natasha Scott
Noon-2pm – One World Sounds Crew
10am-noon – Lady Michelle


10pm-2am – Oi Oi Soundsystem
9-10pm – Lariman
8-9pm – Tony Oi Oi
6-8pm – DJ Lasta
4-6pm – Roots of Africa
3-4pm – Lavosti
1-3pm – Jigzzsaw
Noon-1pm – Inike Drum & Dance
10am-noon – Tony Oi Oi

10pm-2am – Oi Oi Soundsystem
9-10pm – Lavosti
8-9pm – Jigzzsaw
7-8pm– Benji Revelation
5-7pm – DJ Ska Face
4-5pm – Roots Of Africa
3-4pm – Cian Finn Acoustic
1-3pm – DJ Lasta
Noon-1pm – Inike Drum & Dance
10am-noon – Tony Oi Oi

10pm-2am – Oi Oi Soundsystem
9-10pm – Stone and Jezreel
7-9pm – Roots of Africa
6-7pm – Jigzzsaw
5-6pm – Daryl Bengo
4-5pm – The Boyfinn
3-4pm – Special guests
1-3pm – Three Little Birds
Noon-1pm – Inike Drum & Dance
10am-noon – Tony Oi Oi


6.30-7.30pm – Jack Crotty (Rocket Man): Rocket Man x Trawler Boys
6-6.30pm – Pádraic Óg Gallagher (Gallagher's Boxty House): Boxty Dumplings with Corned Beef and Cabbage
5.30-6pm – Sinead Delahunty: A Full Plate for a Full Life
5-5.30pm – Austin Byrne (Balfes Restaurant): A New Look at Healthy Food

7-7.30pm – Bacardi Mojito Masterclass
6.30-7pm – Alex and Wolfe Conyngham: Flame, Fire & Whiskey
6-6.30pm – Sham Hannifa and Kevin O' Toole: Bao Essentials
5.30-6pm – Andy Noonan: A Live Fire Feast
5-5.30pm – The Cupcake Bloke: Cupcakes with a Twist: Alternative Flavours and Concepts
4.15-5pm – JR Ryall (Ballymaloe House) with wine tasting from Wines Direct - The Ultimate Picnic
3.45-4.15pm – Rosanna Davison: Eat Yourself Fit
3.15-3.45pm – Chef Adrian: Classic Cooking
2.30-3.15pm – Kwangi Chan and Eva Pau: A Quest for South East Asian Flavours in a Bowl of Hand-Pulled Noodles
2-2.30pm – Niall Sabongi (Klaw) with wine tasting from Wines Direct: Fancy a Poké
1.30-2pm – JP McMahon (Aniar): We Need to Talk about Seaweed
1-1.30pm – Jonathan McCrea and Ivan Varian: Gulp 4.0
12.30-1pm – Aileen Cox Blundell: Baby-Led Feeding

5-5.45pm – Chef's Music with Slane Irish Whiskey
1-4pm – Feedback Sunday tastes and talks featuring a Sugar Art, Chef's Fashion Show and talks and tastes on The New Kitchen Order, Taste, Wagyu Beef, Mood Food, Fit Food, Sustainable Fish, Real Bread, Ancient Grains and all things Vegan.
Cast includes Caitlin Ruth, Ali Wheeler, Jess Murphy, Darina Allen, Chad Byrne, Arty Clifford, Pat Whelan, Ali Dunworth, Hilary O'Hagan-Brenna, Grainne O'Keefe, Roisin Finlay, Jim Kennedy, Finn Ní Fhaoláin, Professor Ted Dinan, Susan Steele, Stefan Griesbach, Jason O'Brien, Susan Boyle, Chris Young, Keith Bohanna and Gautham Iyer.
11.30am-1pm – EPic: Electric Picnic Sunday Brunch (ticketed event)

Glen Murphy

Glen Murphy

Glen Murphy is an Irish Times journalist