The Lemon Twigs: Go to School – A bananas concept album

Go to School
    
Artist: The Lemon Twigs
Genre: Rock
Label: 4AD

"Your life's only good as love, if you give enough" is the life lesson from Shane, a chimpanzee raised as a human by loving parents. Go to School is the fantastical and conceptual rock opera album from brothers Brian (21) and Michael (19) D'Addario, also known as The Lemon Twigs.

Go to School is a lot to take in but the D'Addarios call in Todd Rundgren – and their mother, Susan Hall – to add extra whimsy to this already very whimsical affair. The Fire sees our chimp Shane face high-school bullies, adding to his long list of strifes living as a monkey boy in a human world, which eventually sees him pushing everyone away on This Is My Tree. The concept is daftly charming. It meanders a little but then gets back on track for an emotive finish with If You Give Enough! As a musical minus the visual element, the baroque rock album, which was all recorded in their parents' basement, is occasionally jarring but ultimately bananas and your enjoyment depends on how much monkeying around you can handle.