Dave King: I’ve Been Ringing You

Fri, Apr 5, 2013, 09:40


I've Been Ringing You

Dave King



H H H H Best known as one third of hipper-than-thou piano trio the Bad Plus, Minnesota drummer Dave King can be hard to pin down. With the Bads, he’s all nods and winks, deconstructing the classic trio format with precision and irony, but then he goes and records this old school piano trio album, straight out of Bill Evans and Paul Bley, tenderly unpacking chestnuts like So in Love and This Nearly Was Mine in the company of fellow midwesterners, pianist Bill Carrothers and bassist Billy Petersen. In fairness, it is the marvellously original and perennially underrated Carrothers – familiar to Irish audiences as one third of drummer Kevin Brady’s trio – who shoulders most of the creative burden here, but King’s loose-limbed playing reveals a complex musician with the courage to be sincere.