Killer Mike


R.A.P. Music Williams Street****

Those who maintain that hip-hop sounded better back in the day need to hang out with Mike Render. The sixth album from the the Atlanta MC who trades as Killer Mike joins a gaggle of great, aggressive and hugely relevant recent hip-hop albums from Death Grips and El-P. Sonically abrasive and lyrically on point, R.A.P. Music has that same El-P in the production saddle, but it’s Render who makes this uneasy listening of the highest order. Attacking everything from Reaganomics to police brutality, Render is honed and honest, focusing on his target and pumelling away with his verbal jabs and barbs.

As on his own Cancer4Cure album, El-P’s musical aids are single- minded – a furious battery and blast of beats where the drums and basslines are intent on disturbing the entire neighbourhood. A lesson in hip-hop’s here and now.

Download tracks:Reagan, Untitled, Don’t Die