Fujiya & Miyagi still know how to find new Krautrock kinks

Wed, Apr 19, 2017, 13:12


Fujiya & Miyagi

Fujiya & Miyagi

Impossible Objects Of Desire


All music fans have pet groups who, to their puzzlement, are not as well known or successful as they think they should be. With every passing release one indeed has to wonder when the Brighton electropop group Fujiya & Miyagi will receive their rightful dues. Their sixth album combines three EPs from 2016 yet is coherent and fresh for all that. The band have always found new kinks and pleasure points in the Krautrock grooves they favour, and the material here shows they’ve still got that knack. David Best’s vocals remain a magnetic pull (especially on Extended Dance Mix), but it’s the way in which tracks like Serotonin Rushes, Synthetic Symphonies and RSI extend and stamp their rhythms on your synapses that really makes this album make the cut. Could their time be just around the corner?