Gary e-chats with Glenn Moule of the Howling Bells


How the hell are ya?Great, just nursing a slight hangover, but apart from that I am good.

You played Oxegen last year. How was the Irish crowd?Well it was actually 2007 we did Oxegen. It was a very wet experience I must say. I remember our tour bus got bogged backstage which was a laugh.

As for the Irish crowds, it is hard for me to say that they live up to their boisterous reputation as we haven’t really done that many shows there.

This year I will be out in the crowd checking out a bunch of bands so they better be bloody rowdy.

I remember a crowd we had at Whelan’s in Dublin a few years back which made it a night never to forget.

Plenty of Australians have Irish roots. Any in the Bells?Not really. I think I am the only one with Irish roots from about five generations ago.

Are there places that feel like home away from home?Well if the crowds in Ireland really are as boisterous as the reputation states then Ireland certainly is a home away from home. Our crowds down in Australia are crazy.

We have been living in London for around five years now, so home is starting to feel like it is there.

Do you ever get festival fatigue?Festivals are a meeting ground for friends in other bands to catch up and also a chance to get out in the crowd and watch them in their element. It’s kinda like a crazy theme park and the bands are taking you on the ride (wow, that is deep).

I think the fact that the line-up of bands changes every festival keeps every one of them unique. You know, there is always a new band you have wanted to check out, and always an old band from your childhood that is a must to see and then the current bands which are nailing it right now. That is enough to keep me interested.

Do you ever look at the Irish and the Brits rolling around in the mud and think what fresh lunacy is this?Yeah, Australian weather is on the other end of the spectrum. When I first arrived in the UK I just couldn’t understand why you Irish and the British would put yourselves through the craziness of camping in wet, muddy slop for five days. but then I started to get it. Your lifestyle here is built on music and it is one of the main elements of your culture. So I said to myself: “Glenn you idiot, you have always wanted to be a part of the music scene over here, so love it.” So now that I love it, you will see me at Oxegen diving in the mud. Oh and Gary, you are doing it with me.