Lego Ninjago Tournament | App Review

Bad guys are disassembled limb by blocky limb as the Masters of Spinjitzu enter battle on the iPad and iPhone

Game Title: Lego Ninjago Tournament

Publisher: The Lego Group

Reviewed On: iPhone

Available on: iPhone / iPad

Mon, Feb 16, 2015, 20:33


You can’t beat a bit of Lego fighting. The latest instalment in the Lego Ninjago series is Ninjago Tournament, which pits player against wave after wave of tiny fighters that break apart as you defeat them.

After a short tutorial that covers the basics of fighting, you’re thrown into the in arena and begin fighting your opponents. Most are reasonably easy to deal with but occasionally you’ll face a Master of the Elements. They’re harder to get rid of and you may sacrifice a bit of health to defeat them, but more ften than not you’ll emerge victorius,

As you defeat your enemies, they yield Lego studs that you collect. These studs can be used for everything from extra lives to upgrdes and unlockig new characters. Your stud count builds up quickly, and it’s an incentive to keep playing long after you should have taken a break, if only to save your thumbs from the inevitable cramp.

Controls are via a virtual joystick on screen, with dedicated buttons for attacks, blocking, jumping and grabbing your opponents. Some defences and attacks will work better against certain opponents; it’s hard to grab the Master of Speed for example, while the Master of Light has a habit of making himself invisible, so a jumping attack will reveal him. The special move also makes an appearance, the Spinzuki. Fuel up the power meter by successfully landing blows on your oppnents and you will be able to unleash the attack, which is a bit like a Tasmanian devil spin that eliminates everything it touches.

After a while, Ninjago Tournament can feel a bit repetitive, but just when it does, the game drops a surprise attack on you, like the boulder basher, which drops boulders on you from above while you’re trying to fight. Try avoiding those while you battle – even though the game gives you a massive hint where they’re about to drop in the form of large targets, you can get pushed into its path.

All in all, it’s another entertaining Lego game.