Rip it Up – Rip it Up, Yup Yup

Fighting Words: A poem by Danny, Evan, Reece, Sean, Cillian and Dean, PMVT Carline Learning Centre, Lucan, Co Dublin

Verse 1 
The odd time I'm asked to get messages, 
I just float around from shop to shop, 
To get bread, milk or a bottle of sauce, 
I'll ask the boys, do you want to go on the hop?

I like going out with my friends, 
Whether I have a bike or not, 
Chill out, chill out, throughout the day

I'm going to school on my scooter 
I'm going to sound my hooter 
If you get in my way 
You have to kneel and pray 
Don't mess with the boys 
When they get their new toys 
Rip it up – Rip it up, Yup Yup  
Rip it up Rip it up Yup Yup

Verse 2 
Running around Dunnes Stores, 
Knocking the food on the floor 
The security comes running after us, 
Chasing us out the door 
Getting on the bus to Ballyfermot, 
We're going to Lambs' Chinese 
Starvin' with the hunger, 
"Can I have chicken curry please?"


Verse 3 
Heading down the N27 
At 180 kilometres an hour 
Get the speed wobbles – Crash! 
I fall on the ground – I've lost all power 
Me mate Spellman dropped the ignition 
Ha ha Micra on a mission 
Me mate Brandon is in the passo  
Heading to Coolock for a half ounce


Verse 4 
I pick cotton after I went Shopping  
Poor people beggin' so I went leggin' 
Down to O'Connell Street 
So I started a fight 
I hit him so hard 
He woke up the next night 
He got the fright of his life 
He went to sleep that night


The Story Seeds project supports young people to write with the aim of enabling them to understand their own life story – their personal, circumstantial and emotional story and their place, be it geographical, social or imaginative.

The pieces included here are a small sample of the creative work from the Story Seeds project.

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