Greystones you are

Fighting Words 2021: A poem by Hannah Boden (15), Templecarrig School, Greystones, Wicklow

Bridie Mooney outside her shop in Greystones. Peter Murtagh

Bridie Mooney outside her shop in Greystones. Peter Murtagh


Greystones you are...

Greystones you are the crispy battered cod in brown paper,
You are the always smiling and waving neighbour.
You are dipping your greasy chips in a melting 99,
Greystones you are just divine.

Greystones you are morning mothers going for school run coffees,
You are Mrs Mooney and the children snaked round jars of toffees,
You are the glorious anticipation of sugary delights,
Greystones you are sipping wine at a candlelit dinner party on Friday nights.

Greystones your streets are littered with aspiring vegans.
Greystones you get up at 5 for a sunrise swim... for what reasons?
Greystones you are handstands on the street and wearing shorts all winter.
Greystones you are history being torn to the ground, with the La Touche in pieces,

You are new buildings like concrete jungles,
Greystones, you are watching as your heritage decreases.
Greystones you are a stuck-up snob with a mischievous sparkle in your eyes.
Greystones you are the superstitious good luck in two magpies.

Greystones you are seaside, Spendloves, sunshine,
the perfect home away from home for our visitors.
Greystones you are coffee shops and chemists on every street corner,
You are the “matcha chai iced latte with two pumps of hazelnut” order.

Greystones you are the underestimated Aldi version of our favourite biscuit,
Greystones buying digestives in Tesco is a rip off, I wouldn’t risk it.
Greystones, you are just a short drive away,
Greystones we are here to stay,

Greystones you are home,
Mentioned 19 times in this poem,
Na chlocha liatha you are all of us,
Greystones you are me.

Fighting Words is an Irish charity that helps children and adults to develop their creative writing skills. This is part of their annual publication with The Irish Times