‘Freedom?’ by Two Fuse review: A handbook towards change

This excellent book identifies power imbalances and opens up a way forward beyond mere critique

Author: Two Fuse
ISBN-13: 9781782052395
Publisher: Cork University Press
Guideline Price: €9.95

This excellent book is divided into four sections. The first two are based on theory and sometimes the train of argument can seem slightly random, though there are interesting ideas. There is an irritating stylistic tic throughout where we are repeatedly told what the next section will be dealing with even though this is all covered in the introduction. Sections three and four are the best. In four there is a powerful excerpt from the play Hope. Section three is a dialogue between theorist Kevin Ryan and playmaker Fiona Whelan (who together form Two Fuse) that brilliantly explores the practical implementation of ideas. One project had testimonies gathered anonymously from “disadvataged” youth in their negative dealings with gardaí read by a group of new Garda recruits before an audience of said youth. This was set to be fed back into Garda training but the economic crash meant that could not happen – an apt indictment of the enterprise culture that is explored in this book. The book identifies power, whether through questioning language – for example “disadvantage” – or the position of participants relating to their own status, thus opening up a way forward beyond mere critique. An important book – a handbook for “doing” towards change.