Frankery: A story by 4th class, Dromclough National School, Listowel, Co Kerry

Fighting Words 2019: 4th class, Dromclough National School, Listowel, Co Kerry. Illustration by Godfrey Coppinger

Geoffrey the duck and his sidekick Frank the rat were undercover superheroes.

One day, Geoff went to Frank’s house looking forward to their next night-time adventure.

When night time came, Misty, the evil overlord was destroying the city.

The calling card for our superheroes was a duck-quacker.


When they heard the alarm the two superheroes were watching television.

Geoffrey flew quickly to his duckmobile and Frank the rat ran through the sewers to the ratraft.

They both raced to the usual meeting place, which was the old castle in the middle of the city. Quickly they climbed to the top of one of the towers to see the damage that the overlord had done.

Below them the city lay in ruins.

What will our superheroes do?

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