Project Arts Centre, 39 East Essex St, Temple Bar, Dublin Mon-Sat 11am-8pm Until Mar 30

Curator Anthony Huberman’s starting point for his group exhibition is a reflection on the way that the meaning of touch has become more complicated. As he points out, when he has his morning coffee and reads the New York Times, there is no newspaper in his hands: “I pinch-and-drag it with my fingers” on a screen. It’s “interactive (and) tactile” but it’s a different kind of experience and a different kind of touch.

For Detouched, Huberman has rounded up five artists whose work, he suggests, explores ideas around touch in a useful way. The late Dennis Oppenheim’s 1971 film Air Pressure (Hand), for example, shows skin undulating under the impact of a current air at high pressure. AK Burns’s video installation reenacts touch fetishes from YouTube; Alice Channer’s sculpture “dresses the gallery”; Seth Price vacuum wraps and Sunah Choi “revisits the ancient tradition of frottage”.

Oh, and when you visit the show, don’t touch the artworks!

Can’t See That? Catch This

Nevill Johnson, Jorgensen Fine Art, Dublin