Sharp decrease in winter burglaries, gardaí report

Burglaries traditionally more associated with winter because of longer daylight hours in summer

There was a 2.8 per cent decrease in residential burglaries last winter compared to the summer months, gardaí have said, the first such seasonal reduction recorded.

There was also a 21.6 per cent decrease in winter residential burglaries year on year, dropping from 3,804 in the winter of 2021/2022 to 2,988 in 2022/2023, although Covid-19 had an effect on the figures.

The trend “reverses traditional crime statistics which suggested a seasonal trend in a surge in burglaries during winter months when daylight hours are at the lowest level”, gardaí said.

Overall, there has been a 75 per cent reduction in winter residential burglaries since 2015. While there were 12,057 residential burglaries recorded in winter that year, the number dropped to 2,988 in winter 2022/2023.


Assistant Commissioner Justin Kelly, from the Organised and Serious Crime unit, said the reduction for the first time in winter burglaries was “a very welcome development”.

In contrast to previous years, a small but significant decrease in residential burglaries was observed this winter 2022.

Overall, reported burglaries in the 12 months to March 2023 were 46 per cent lower than pre-pandemic levels, which “highlights the impact Covid-19 pandemic has had on this type of crime”, gardaí said.

Jade Wilson

Jade Wilson

Jade Wilson is a reporter for The Irish Times