Eight ways to get office sceptics to adopt new technologies

Persuading your team requires putting forth a compelling vision

As a manager, bringing new technology and tools into your organisation can increase productivity and help you to make better, faster decisions. But getting every employee on board is often a challenge. What can you do to increase early and rapid adoption?

1 Choose technology wisely When you’re shopping around for a new technology, bear your team’s interests in mind. Functionality is critical, but so is user-friendliness.

2 State your case Persuading your team to adopt a new technology requires putting forth a compelling vision, and you must demonstrate what the new service offers.

3 Customise training Some employees might prefer an online training session; others might need a bit more handholding and support in the form of a personal coach.

4 Get influencers onboard In the early stages of the launch, focus on getting a network of ‘champions’ fully invested in the new technology who can help others.

5 Make it routine As soon as reasonably possible, try to “institutionalise” the new technology. If, for instance, you’ve recently introduced a new sales-tracking technology, start asking for weekly updates on the numbers.

6 Highlight quick wins Once employees begin to use the technology more and more, draw attention to the positive impact it’s having on your organisation.

7 Make it fun Compensation, perks, recognition, or the ability to innovate faster can engage people using new technology.

8 Consider penalties as a last resort If you’re still having a hard time getting your team on board with a new technology, consider instituting penalties for non-use.

– Copyright Harvard Business Review 2015

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