Write.as is the social media hater’s blogging platform

Web Log: If it’s a distraction-free, no-frills writing platform you’re after, look no further

We go to Facebook to talk to family, Instagram to brag, Twitter to complain, Tumblr to fanboy over Doctor Who and Medium to proselytise. But where do you go if you just want somewhere not necessarily designed for going public, somewhere to write without being disturbed?

Write.as is a distraction-free, no-frills platform where the idea is to just have somewhere to get your words down without necessarily having an audience in mind like, say, WordPress, where tags and SEO are a part of the process. The social media part is essentially removed: no one can "like" or follow your blog or posts.

By default, nothing you publish on Write.as is publicly visible so people can only read your article or blog if you specifically share a link to it. You can create an anonymous blog, start writing and it is saved automatically as you go.

If you're curious about who writes on Write.as, there is a separate "read stream" (https://read.write.as/) where you can peruse content ranging from the confessions of an ex-employee in the beauty business to rants on UX design and food diaries. A good place to anonymously vent or think aloud.