Weight Watchers rebrands as tech-focused wellness brand

Web Log: Revamp includes Headspace partnership and new voice features for app

Oprah Winfrey favourite Weight Watchers has decided to shed its traditional image as a weight loss company as it enters the digital wellness market. The rebrand brings a new tagline – "Wellness that works." – as well as a partnership with meditation and mindfulness company Headspace that will see its software embedded in the new Weight Watchers app.

The revamp also includes voice integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant so that users can look up "SmartPoints" (a calorie-tracking system) or add their own caloric consumption handsfree.

Healthy habits

The company is also moving away from a focus on weight loss towards encouraging healthy habits with a new WellnessWins system that tracks activity and will presumably lure members into the lucrative fitness-tracking market.

This update pits Weight Watchers against established apps like MyFitnessPal while bringing longstanding members into a tech-first weight loss environment.