Google launches $25m fund to develop humanitarian AI

Web Log: Google says those interested in applying don’t have to be AI experts

Google has launched a $25m fund to develop humanitarian AI

Google has launched a $25m fund to develop humanitarian AI


As part of its new programme called AI for Social Good, Google. org has launched its AI Impact Challenge which will provide $25 million (€22 million) in funding as well as access to its AI experts and credits for the Google Cloud Platform to non-profits, academics and social enterprises that submit proposals on how best to use AI to tackle problems of global scope including climate change, social injustice and humanitarian crises.

Proposals will be chosen in spring 2019 and grantees will go on to join a specialised launchpad accelerator program while working with non-profit data science company DataKind. Examples given included developing AI to contribute to wildlife conservation, flood prediction and infant health.

Great idea

“We don’t expect applicants to be AI experts,” said Jeff Dean, Google senior fellow and SVP at Google AI and Jacquelline Fuller, VP at Google and president of

“For any non-profit or researcher who has a great idea or wants help brainstorming one, we’ve built an educational guide with introductions to AI and the types of problems it’s well-suited for, as well as workshops in key locations around the world.”