Web Log: Gemini removes duplicate files with ease

File-removal tool catalogues data on physical drives and cloud storage locations

I had a sneaking suspicion that, having backed up and migrated files from my old iMac to several generations of MacBooks over the years, there would be a few duplicate songs, PDFs and movies here and there. Therefore, I was curious as to how Gemini from MacPaw would perform in finding and eliminating these rogue files.

I dragged and dropped several locations: the laptop hard drive, an external hard drive and several cloud storage locations including OneDrive and DropBox. Once added, leave Gemini to work its way through cataloguing your data (if, like me, you have lots, then this will take a while).

I was surprised to find that there was 150GB (yes, really) worth of duplicate files but Gemini makes it easy to remove. This is the ultimate spring clean for your data.