Web log: A screaming streaming service for horror fans

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I'm not a slasher fan, I think most zombie movies are derivative, and I really dislike torture flicks like Jigsaw. So what I am doing signing to up horror movie site Shudder? This specialist streaming service has scares to suit all tastes including my favourite genres: paranormal, sci-fi and psychological thrillers.

Even if you don’t want to add another streaming service to your monthly bills, you can enjoy a free seven-day trial or simply subscribe for one month and binge on spooky flicks in the lead-up to Halloween.

Cryptic warning

If you're looking for something a little different than the usual Netflix fare, I recommend Missions (2017), a French sci-fi horror set in space. A crew of American astronauts are about to land on Mars when they receive a cryptic warning message. The spacecraft lands and they find out they are not alone; the crew meets Vladimir Komarov (genuine historical person), a Soviet cosmonaut and the first man to have died in space all the way back in 1967. Hit Google for the real life story of Komarov who died on re-entry to Earth and was given an open casket funeral complete with charred remains.