Get inspired with Talks At Google podcast

Tech Tools: Range of speakers and subjects, from Ryan Reynolds to Emily Lakdawalla

Ryan Reynolds talks  about ‘Deadpool’ role in Talks at Google podcast

Ryan Reynolds talks about ‘Deadpool’ role in Talks at Google podcast


One of the perks of working for Google is the long-running Talks at Google series featuring interesting, entertaining and inspiring speakers from all walks of life. “Why are you telling me this when I don’t work at Google” I hear you grumble. Because these talks are available post-event for the public to listen to. You can go to the website but a more convenient way is to subscribe to the Talks at Google podcast, which is updated every week or so.

The first podcast episode features Frank “Catch Me If You Can” Abagnale. The infamous conman talks about his life as a cybersecurity and fraud prevention expert who has worked with the FBI – a far cry from his early days forging cheques and impersonating professions including airline pilot, doctor and lawyer.

Some of the talks are purely frothy entertainment – Ryan Reynolds talking about Deadpool – while others are more complex and academic, namely, a chat with Emily Lakdawalla, senior editor of The Planetary Society, who talks about her new book describing in detail the story of the most complex robot ever built by NASA: The Design and Engineering of Curiosity: How the Mars Rover Performs Its Job.