Wearable tech moves to beat stress with bracelet

Meditation meets technology in mindfulness device


Technology is supposed to make life easier, but anyone who has ever used a computer or even the dreaded self- service checkout in the supermarket knows it can do the opposite. That’s on top of the stresses and strains of everyday life. But never fear: there’s a wearable device that aims to solve all that. Or at least to lower your stress levels.

WellBe is a “mindfulness bracelet for emotional balance”. Sounds nicely vague, right? What it actually does (apparently) is to identify your stress triggers by monitoring your heart rate and using some secret algorithims. Through the app, you get a stress reducing programme that will help keep you calm, with meditation, breathing exercises and other techniques to help when stress strikes. Like the next time you hear “unexpected item in the bagging area”. Indiegogo. com