UPC signs up 500 firms a month


BROADBAND:UPC has introduced new speed and pricing tiers on its broadband network for businesses. The company has introduced four new products, with speeds of 30Mb, 50Mb, 75Mb and 100Mb.

The broadband, which is delivered over UPC’s cable network, is priced at €49, €59, €69 and €89 per month respectively.

Gavan Smyth, UPC’s business services director, said the company had already attracted 3,000 business customers to the products since it launched them in a beta phase last year and is now adding business customers at a rate of 500 a month. “They are essentially moving away from DSL ,” he said. “Our entry level 30Mb product starts where DSL leaves off.”

To date, its 50Mb product is the most popular, Mr Smyth added. UPC sells broadband to business through a dozen distributor companies. It has also partnered with a number of chambers of commerce in order to promote the products.