The Jump: Escape to the City


H H H Whatever you say about app games, one thing’s for sure: they’ve opened a lot of doors for indie developers. As in the days of the Commodore 64, start-ups can make simple, playable games without competing with mega-budget triple-A titles. Take The Jump: Escape the City. A product of Dublin developers Gone Gaming, The Jump is a slick, fun little app game that makes good use of mobile devices’ limited power. With strong shades of the Wipeout franchise, it’s a futuristic racer where you outrun the cops in a dystopian city. Power-ups can revive you, make you invincible and more, but you have to contend with barriers and giant potholes. Although it’s a simple game, there are nice trimmings: For instance, I like how everything slows down for a moment while you choose your power- up. There’s also a great soundtrack of hip-hop, trance and electronica. The Jump is free, albeit with optional micro- transactions; pay to upgrade, or to buy coins that can be used for power-ups.